Exercises For A Flat Tummy

Fat tummy can be really annoying for some people. Especially, when it comes to a woman, she does everything to flatten her tummy, from dieting to cardio. Do these exercises regularly and you will be stunned to observe the results. 

1. Bicycle Crunch 
Lie down on the floor. Remember your back should be on the floor. Put both of your hands behind your head. Begin with your legs twisted at a 45-degree angle. Bring the right knee towards the chest and straighten your left leg. Simultaneously, rotate top half of your body in such a manner that your left elbow moves in the direction of your right knee. Then, do the similar with the other side. Repeat this exercise thrice a day for 1 minute. 

2. Plank 
Lie down in such a manner that your face is towards the floor. Lift the upper part of your body on your elbows. Alternatively, slowly, lift your thighs and legs. The other parts of your body should be erect and in the air as if you are performing push-ups. Hold this position for 1-2 minutes. Repeat this exercise 3 times. 

3. Boat Pose 
Sit on the floor and bend your knees. Keeping your feet flat, slowly bend and lean backwards, a little. Keep your legs straight, and start to lift them upwards slowly. Your legs should make a perfect 45 degree angle while you keep both hands straight, and the palms of your hands facing each other. Hold this pose for 5 minutes, and take deep breathes. Repeat this exercise, 3 times. 

4. Swaying Warrior 2 
Stand straight and turn the right foot sideways, making an angle of 90 degrees. Bend your left leg to form an angle of 45 degrees. Stretch out both hands in plane-like fashion. Bend your upper body to the right. Take 4-5 deep breaths and repeat this exercise to the left, two more times. 

5. Scale Pose 
Sit straight on the floor and cross your legs. Your hands should be on the ground, close to your hips. Stiffen your body and slowly lift the entire body upwards. Hold this pose for 3 breaths and then, slowly lower your body to the ground. Repeat this exercise 3 times. 

6. Dead Lift 
Dead lift can be very difficult for a first timer, but it is surely effective. Choose a light weight barbell. Now, bend your knees. Keep your back straight, put your hands on the barbell, and lift slowly. Look straight ahead. During the lift, keep your abs tight. Now, stand straight and keep your hands downwards. Don’t pull the barbell high; it should be at the level of your hips. Hold this posture for a few seconds. Then, again, bend your knees with your back straight. Now, put the barbell on the floor and slowly stand straight. When you master this exercise, add more weight for better results.

7. Ab Pulse Up 
Lie down on the carpet and relax. Put your hands beneath your butt. Slowly lift both of your legs to form a 90 degree angle. Both your feet should be straight and pointing upwards. Give a little push to your butt with your hands. Hold this position for 5 seconds. Then, slowly lower your butt on the floor, allowing your legs to come down, and keeping your legs straight. Repeat this exercise 15 times. 

8. Reverse Crunches 
Lie straight on the floor and then slowly bend the knees. Your palms should be on the floor and your legs should be slowly lifted. Hold this posture for 5 seconds and then, slowly return to the original posture. Do it at least 15-20 times. 

Culled and edited. Images: Google


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